Connecting Independent School Board Chairs

Welcome To ISCA

ISCA is a membership organization serving as a resource center for leaders of independent school Boards of Trustees. ISCA is a network of current and former Board Chairs established to:

  • Share the experiences, ideas and resources of board leadership.
  • Learn more about current and future educational trends.
  • Enable board leaders to deal more effectively with the increasingly complex challenges and responsibilities of independent school governance.

As a Board Chair, your leadership role with the Board and your partnership with the Head of School can be demanding and inspiring at the same time. There are numerous issues facing independent schools ranging from exciting growth opportunities to financial sustainability or unexpected crises that could change the trajectory of a school in a positive or negative way depending on how the leadership of the school plans for and manages these situations.

ISCA is committed to helping Board Chairs navigate their leadership role by sharing good governance practices, providing useful resources and educational programs, and offering networking opportunities with current and former Board Chairs. ISCA is also starting a one year Advisor Program for new Board Chairs. First year Board Chairs will be paired with an experienced Board Chair who will support them throughout their first year of their new leadership role.

Our community of current and former Board Chairs is here to grow and learn from each other and we invite you to be a part of it!

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