Online Forum FAQ

How do I participate using the Online Forum? Upon starting or renewing membership ISCA, your e-mail address is automatically included in the ISCA Online Forum database (unless you request otherwise). You will receive by e-mail every query or response posted to theOnline Forum by other ISCA members, and you will receive the e-mail address of theOnline Forum so that you can post your own queries at any time. Participation requires nothing more than reading your ISCA e-mail and sending an e-mail message when you wish to respond to a query or post one of your own.

How does the Online Forum work? The Online Forum is a software program residing on a remote computer connected to the internet. It monitors the ISCA Online Forum’s e-mail address and, upon receiving a query or a response to a prior query, automatically forwards that query or response via e-mail to every current ISCA member. Of course, ISCA reserves the right to remove a member from theOnline Forum for failing to abide by the Online Forum Operating Rules posted elsewhere on this web site.

How is confidentiality handled? The ISCA database of its members’ e-mail addresses remains confidential at all times and is not available to members, nor will ISCA sell or share its e-mail list with any other organizations. However, the e-mail address of a member posting a query or reply is normally visible to all members. Should a member wish to have a query or reply appear anonymously, such query or reply may be made to a special e-mail address monitored by the Executive Director of ISCA, who will post the query or reply bearing only the generic ISCA e-mail address.