The ISCA Forum

Leadership is both an honor and a burden. It can feel isolating. And there are times when you want to seek peer support before talking things over with your most trusted team. Our forum provides a place to turn for confidential advice and an experienced, knowledgeable perspective.

Recent questions that have generated considerable interest include:

  • As part of our strategic planning process we are taking a look at our organizational structure. What has been your experience with this process and can you suggest a consultant to provide advice?
  • Our by‐laws currently include an “expectation” that trustees financially support our annual and endowment funds. Should we change that to “requirement”?
  • We have concluded a search process for a new HOS and are beginning transition planning. Those of you who have had experience with that phase – would you be willing to share what worked and what did not?
  • Do you conduct trustee exit interviews?
  • What methods do you use for keeping former trustees engaged and supportive of the school?

Whether planning a new development effort or a cost containment strategy, conducting a head search, or formulating and implementing a long-range plan, our forum provides direct access to colleagues who have faced similar challenges or are facing them right now. Members can communicate with the entire membership of current and former board chairs, and can even post anonymously if needed.

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