ISCA Online Forum: A Key Networking Tool

The chairs or presidents of independent school boards face situations that may seem unique to a particular school. In fact, those situations often turn out to be similar to ones being encountered at other schools. The advice and counsel of peers is extraordinarily helpful in relieving the isolation which is so often an adjunct to leadership.

ISCA’S Online Forum provides an important and confidential resource for Board Chairs. It gives members the opportunity to post queries and participate in topics and issues of concern to Board members. The Online Forum is a vital feature for members, since it enables colleagues to learn from each other by communicating directly and efficiently. Topics that have generated considerable interest recently include:

  • How do you as board leaders handle defining goals for the Head of School’s role in a Capital Campaign?
  • We want to do an online, anonymous 360 Head Review by board members as well as a group of the faculty and administration. Any of you had experience with such a task?
  • As part of our strategic planning process we are taking a look at our organizational structure. What has been your experience with this process and can you suggest a consultant to provide advice?
  • Our by‐laws currently include an “expectation” that trustees financially support our annual and endowment funds. Should we change that to “requirement”?
  • We have concluded a search process for a new HOS and are beginning transition planning. Those of you who have had experience with that phase – would you be willing to share what worked and what did not?
  • What is the length of a trustee’s term at your school, as well as the typical term for chair to serve?
  • Do you conduct trustee exit interviews?
  • What methods do you use for keeping former trustees engaged and supportive of school?

Whether planning a new development effort or cost containment strategy, conducting a head search, or formulating and implementing a long-range plan, there is much to learn from colleagues who have faced similar challenges or are facing them right now. ISCA provides that link by enabling each member to easily, and anonymously if necessary, communicate with the entire membership of current and former Board Chairs.

For more important information, download the Instructions and Policies for Using the ISCA Online Forum and check out the FAQs page.