About Our Programs

Weekly Chair Posts

Our executive director, Bethany Di Napoli, compiles an email every week on critical, timely issues, helping school leadership navigate challenges efficiently and effectively so they can get back to building the future.

Recent examples include:

  • What’s in your Board manual?
  • Managing the Board’s parking lot conversations.
  • An ounce of prevention. Legal steps every board should take before crisis happens.
  • Aligning your Board structure to support future sustainability.


We host several free webinars throughout the year that our members can attend live or watch after the fact. Membership includes access to our ever-growing library of past events, such as:

  • The Road Ahead: Key Trends Impacting Private Schools
  • Protecting Student Privacy and Cybersecurity Threats
  • Understanding Best Practices for Data Security at Your School
  • Measuring the Health of School Culture: The Power of Engagement
  • Leveraging The Board’s Collective Network to Ensure Fiscal and Reputational Sustainability
  • What Innovative Boards Should Be Considering in Today’s Independent School Landscape

Regional conferences and workshops

Our regional events bring board chairs, trustees, and heads of school together with leading experts to discuss some of the hottest topics for ensuring independent school growth and success in the 21st century. Some prior speakers included:

  • Peter Ewell, Ph.D, is the author of “Making the Grade:  How Board’s Can Ensure Academic Quality” and President Emeritus of the National Center for Higher Education Management Systems.  Peter provided guidance on how to manage the ‘delicate balance’ between the board’s role of ensuring quality educational offerings consistent with the school’s mission and philosophy while recognizing that the administration and faculty are responsible for implementing the educational program.
  • Beth Holland, Ed.D.  holds and education doctorate in Entrepreneurial Leadership in Education from Johns Hopkins University and a master’s degree in Technology, Innovation and Educational from Harvard University. Her dynamic session on ‘Wicked Tools to Solve Wicked Problems:  A Toolkit for Innovation” gave participants a new approach to discussing and solving important strategic questions.
  • Devereaux McClatchey presented to ISCA members on “Retaining and Supporting School Leadership and Talent” addressing the factors contributing to a more volatile marketplace and how Board Chairs can partner with their Heads to prevent unintended departures and support them in securing the resources and talent they need to lead their school.  Devereaux McClatchey is President of Carney Sandoe & Associates.

Online Discussion Forum

While we’re always bringing in outside content, one of our greatest assets as an organization is our focused network of board leaders. Our members represent thousands of hours of experience as governance leaders in the field, not to mention their own networks of industry and expert contacts, and they’re always ready to answer questions, think through issues, and offer proven resources.

One of our members had this to say about our ISCA network:  “Can I just say how helpful this group is to me as a new Chair?  Not just on this issue, but on other things as well.”  –  Peter Flom, Chair, The Lang School of New York

For more important information, download the Online Forum Instructions and Policies and check out the FAQ page.

New Chair at the Table

A training program for rising Board Chairs to help them get off to a successful start in their new leadership role.

Peer Advisor Program

First year board chairs will be paired with an experienced chair for more personalized support and resources during the first year of their new leadership role.