How do you grow as a Board Chair?

ISCA has been described as a linking organization, enabling Chairs to network with other Chairs. ISCA offers gatherings for Board Chairs and opportunities to learn about how to deal with the issues facing Board Chairs today.

ISCA supports independent school Board Chairs by offering the following benefits of membership:

  • Regional conferences/workshops –  Learn and network with other independent school Board Chairs.
  • Webinars –  In the 2017 – 2018 year, six complimentary webinars were offered to ISCA members.
  • Weekly Chair Post –  a weekly email containing valuable resources to Board Chairs.
  • Online Forum – Use our online discussion group to query other Board Chairs about their experiences,  practices or solicit their opinions on a governance matter you are facing.
  • Peer Advisor Program –  First year Board Chairs are invited to participate in the Peer Advisor Program where they will be paired with an experienced Board Chair to provide additional support and resources during the first year of their new leadership role.

Our ISCA members are current or past Board Chairs and Board Presidents of independent schools throughout the US and in several international locations. The schools currently represented by ISCA’s members are provided on this site, grouped by location.

ISCA’s governance is provided by our Board of Directors, who are elected by the membership.

For more important information, download the Instructions and Policies for Using the ISCA Online Forum and check out the FAQ page.