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ISCA Webinar: The Board and School Cybersecurity

Join independent school cybersecurity consultant, Marck Orchison, as he guides board chairs through the complex maze of independent school cybersecurity. Mark will present the most current cyber threats facing independent schools and share how the board can fulfill its oversight responsibility and legal obligations in managing these risks. You will learn what metrics the board […]

ISCA Webinar: Should You Ever Consider Lowering Tuition?

Join Terry Moore, ISM consultant, as he discusses the recent article, "Tuition: Ability to Pay vs. Willingness to Pay,” published by NAIS Vice President Mark Mitchell. The article offers guidance on how to classify your school’s enrollment struggles by differentiating between ‘ability’ to pay vs ‘willingness’ to pay and provides advice on how to overcome […]

Chair Chat: Preparing for your Incoming Head of School

If you will be going through a Head of School transition at the end of this year, join your fellow Board Chairs for this facilitated conversation to discuss how you are preparing for your new Head of School. Facilitated by Samantha Cross and Georgy Ann Peluchiwski *Note that published event times are Eastern

ISCA Webinar: Attracting and Retaining Talent for Independent School Leadership

ISCA members have ranked the 'attraction and retention of independent school talent' as the #1 issue facing independent schools in 2023. What can boards do to partner with and support the HOS in the attraction and retention of faculty and staff? Similarly, what can boards do to retain their HOS? Disruptive HOS departures are on […]

Chair Chat – Preparing for Board Chair Transition

For Board Chairs who will be stepping down from their board leadership role at the end of this year and Chair Elects - join this Chair Chat to discuss how Chairs can prepare for this important transition. What can departing Chairs do to make the learning curve for the Chair Elect easier? Discuss steps you […]

New Chair Chat

If you are a new board chair in the '22 - '23 year, join us for our New Chair Chats that will be facilitated conversations with experienced board chairs. Connect with other first year board chairs, discuss challenges you might be facing, and find support and guidance. We look forward to chatting with you! *Note […]

ISCA Webinar: The Board’s Role in Supporting Student Health and Wellness

The health and wellness needs of students are unprecedented, and schools are struggling to support individual needs while tending to the needs of the whole community and determining what are the most effective interventions in managing student mental health. The nuances of how schools can/should meet those needs is complicated and, at times, depleting. We […]

Chair Chat: Identifying and Developing Talent for Board Service

In this Chair Chat, we will discuss effective ways to recruit, vet and develop candidates for board service.  We will have these conversations in three breakout rooms based on type of school  - elementary, day high school (including K-12)  and boarding school.   We recognize that the composition and culture of boards in each of these […]

Chair Chat: Helping Trustees Transition from For-Profit, Corporate Board Service

Join us for this Chair Chat where we will discuss strategies to educate and coach trustees who behave like they are on a corporate, for-profit board. Well-intentioned trustees who have 'lots of board experience' in their professional lives often have difficulty adjusting to the culture and needs of an independent school board.  Expectations around the […]

New Chair at the Table training

If you will be assuming the role of Board Chair in 2023, this training is for you.  We have designed a program that will help you get off to a successful start in your new leadership role so that you can be a great leader to your board and an effective partner to your Head […]

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