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November 2020

Member query: Our by-laws state that the Board Chair is not eligible to serve on the Governance Committee. Our new HOS and I (a new Board Chair) are confused about […]

October 2020

Member query: I am interested in understanding how schools define the role of Trustee Emeriti, including selection criteria, expectations/ responsibilities, giving, access to information, access to school leaders, meeting attendance, […]

September 2020

Member query: Should the Board Chair should be ex-officio on the Search Committee (committee doing a search for a new head of school)? Or is it ok for the Board […]

June 2020

Member query: What is the best process to receive feedback on the performance of the Board Chair? What are the best questions to be asked of the board and/or HOS? […]

May 2020

Member query: How should the Governance Committee and the Board of Trustees go about conducting the Head of School’s annual performance review, analyzing compensation benchmarking data, and setting compensation this […]

March 2020

Member query: Given recent ISCA online conversations about schools and the evolving COVID-19 situation, please advise Board Chairs on how the Board can act appropriately as ‘partners in leadership’ if […]

February 2020

Member query: The 2018 NAIS Governance Study indicates that 87% of Heads of School and 97% of Board Chairs rate “guiding and supporting the Head of School” as very or […]

January 2020

Member query: What is your opinion about formally naming or voting in a Chair Elect 1 year before transition? Are there disadvantages to this? How much should the Chair-Elect shadow […]

December 2019

Member query: Please describe the board’s role in Head of School succession planning   Reply from Cathy Trower: Harvard sociologist, David Reisman, once said that a board’s job is to […]

November 2019

Member query: How can boards get themselves out of the weeds and back to the strategic level after a HOS transition where the board needs to be more involved and […]