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November 2021

Member Query: 1. Is the board’s ‘committee on trustees’ or ‘Governance committee’ the best committee to identify and plan for the board’s professional development needs? Should this committee also be […]

October 2021

Member Query: As a brand new Chair & relatively new trustee (in my 3rd year), I’m still striving to get my head around who owns which school policies. Some are […]

August 2021

Member Query: When it comes to strategic decisions (branding, summer offerings, marketing strategies, etc ) do other Boards have an approval process or process map to understand who owns what […]

May 2021

Member Query: How do you best handle parents requesting to attend board meetings Unfortunately, there is no universal answer to the question of whether parents can attend board meetings. According […]

April 2021

Member query: Can you describe when, if ever, it might be appropriate for a school to have their HOS serve as a voting member of their board? NAIS data show […]

March 2021

Member query: SITUATION: Our board has term limits: trustees may serve three 3-year terms, and there is an allowance for a 10th year for a sitting board chair. We also […]

February 2021

Member query: We are thinking of creating an advisory board to engage some of our larger donors and others in our region. What are some of the issues we need […]

January 2021

Member query: What role, if any, should the Head of School have in partnership with the Board Chair or Committee on Trustees in the vetting, interviewing or selecting of potential […]

December 2020

Member query: Can you provide guidance to Board Chairs on how to conduct appropriate succession planning for board officer positions?   Reply from Cathy Trower: My advice starts with the […]