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October 2019

Member query: What are best practices around DEI board committees? Should we have them?   Reply from Cathy Trower: I believe it is essential to engage the board in matters […]

May 2019

Member query: Should Board Chairs be evaluated by their Board and how?   Reply from Cathy Trower: I firmly believe that board chairs should be evaluated and should welcome feedback. […]

March 2019

Member query: Given that Boards have an important role in assuring a healthy school culture, is there an appropriate role for Boards to play in creating and/or viewing the results […]

February 2019

Member query: What are the top three topics that must be discussed as part of a new board member orientation process? Are there best practices around how and when to […]

January 2019

Member query: How common is it to have an Executive Committee of the board and what are its most important roles?   Reply from Cathy Trower: A 2005 report from […]

December 2018

Member query: When planning and commencing a search for a new Head of School, what are your top five “Do’s” and top five “Don’ts”?   Reply from Cathy Trower: Keep […]

November 2018

Member query: Does the Board have a role in creating/approving the school’s disciplinary policies? If so, what role would the Board play?   Reply from Cathy Trower: School disciplinary matters […]

October 2018

Member query: Our Nominations and Governance Committee is interested in exploring different models for board chair succession. We would benefit from seeing position descriptions for vice chair or chair-elect, as […]

September 2018

Member query: As we work on writing goals for our head for the upcoming year, we are struggling with articulating a measurable goal for our head that does not create […]