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Webinar: Creating Customized Benchmarking Reports for your Board

As your Board discusses key issues like tuition increases, admissions trends, parent participation in annual giving, do you evaluate your school’s trends on key issues over time? How does your school’s trend in admissions compare to other independent schools in your geographic area or compare to other schools of the same type and size? Learn […]

Webinar: How to Best Evaluate Your Head of School

Effective performance evaluations for your Head of School are indispensable in assuring that the board and the Head are aligned on executing your school’s strategy and driving the culture that you believe will enable your school to thrive. During this webinar your will learn The power of aligning your school’s strategy and culture. How to […]

Webinar: The Road Ahead — Key Trends Impacting Private Schools

There is a convergence of forces today that, taken together, are providing a perfect storm scenario for K-12 private schools. Changing demographics, increased school choice, changing consumer attitudes, a new generation of parents, and rising tuitions are deeply affecting our markets and impacting enrollment goals. This presentation will explore these forces and outline actions a […]

Webinar: Protecting Student Privacy and Cybersecurity Threats

Does your school have adequate policies and procedures in place to address student privacy rights? Has your school considered privacy and data security in connection with the use of online resources?  Federal laws and regulations pertinent to student records will be discussed along with suggestions on how your Board, in its governance and oversight role, […]

Webinar: Understanding Best Practices for Data Security at Your School

Every independent school faces enormous challenges in managing and protecting sensitive student data within their information systems. It is not a question of if you will be involved in a data breach or similar data security challenge, but when. It is imperative that schools put in place robust security and privacy safeguards. In this session, […]

Webinar: Measuring the Health of School Culture – The Power of Engagement

Today, independent school Boards are expected to know more about the health of the schools they serve than just what is revealed in fiscal, enrollment and fundraising vital signs. Insights into school culture come through such things as how people feel they are treated and in whether employees and current parents feel positively connected to […]

Webinar: The Role of the Board in a Crisis: Hope is Not a Strategy

When the school is in crisis, the head of school expects and needs their board chair to be a partner and provide strategic guidance. While schools excel at preparing for weather and fire, crisis preparation is often a footnote. Crisis planning and training should be at the top of school and board leadership’s to do list. […]

Webinar: Leveraging The Board’s Collective Network to Ensure Fiscal and Reputational Sustainability

Marketing-savvy independent school trustees recognize that their school’s sustainability will increasingly depend on creating partnerships with the regional community. These alliances – strategically important to creating a robust public presence – will attract future enrollment, enhance learning, and power-up fundraising.  As a board chair, insure all your members know how to maximize their ambassadorial role.  […]

Webinar: What Innovative Boards Should Be Considering in Today’s Independent School Landscape

Is your board of trustees focused solely on the problems of today, or is there time in the agenda to address the challenges and opportunities of the future? Join NAIS Chief Innovation Officer Tim Fish to discuss how boards can respond to the demands of an ever-changing educational landscape with increasing market and financial pressures, […]

Webinar: Transforming the Head Search Process: Hiring For Leadership vs the Resumé

Hiring the next Head for your school is a very challenging process with sometimes less than ideal results.  There is growing concern across the country among the independent school community about the frequency of Head transitions and the duration of tenure.  Tom Olverson has been discussing the growing concern of Head leadership, the inherent shortcomings […]

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