A Snapshot of Student and Faculty Racial Diversity  –  Data trend charts
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BoardSource Blog 8/31/20:  “Recruiting for Board Diversity –  Without Disrespecting People of Color
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BoardSource Blog 5/1/20:  “It’s Time to Talk About… What Board Commitment to Equity Looks Like in this Moment
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DEI Definitions from Alison Park

Governance Advancing DEI from Alison Park

June 2020: A Call to Boards and Schools   A Blog by Georgy Ann Peluchiwski and Stephanie Rogen, Greenwich Leadership Partners

BoardSource has several resources available on its website dedicated to the  Diversity, Equity and Inclusion for nonprofit boards.
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NAIS Fall 2018 “Getting the Board on Board with DEI Work
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Webinar:  Creating a Thriving Mission and Vision with a Racial Equity Lens
Presented by Nonprofit Web Advisor   Fee $99.00
February 19, 2021   3:00 pm ET
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Webinar:  Antiracism by Design– October 2, 2020
Alison Park, Blink Consulting
12:00 – 2:00 pm ET
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Workshop:  Got a Plan? A WORKshop for Governance to Advance DEI – December 5, 2020
Alison Park, Blink Consulting
11:30 am – 3:00 pm ET
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ISM Webinar July 29, 2020    3:00 pm ET
Ourselves and Racism:  Beginning the Journey of Self Reflection
ISCA 50% member discount code:  ISCA50
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DEI Chair Chat 7.7.20:  Governance Responsibilities of DEI

DEI Chair Chat 7.21.20:  DEI Conversations in The Gordon School Boardroom

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